Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis The Season

Its time to discuss a little thing called Christmas time in the training room. This time of year has been a very special time the past few years. I mean its always a special time but over the past few years its been even more meaningful. You may think huh I wonder why that is. Is it because everyone is just in better moods and happy, is it because we are all celebrating the birth of our Lord? No its because of the mens basketball team. Yes thats right the mens basketball team.
For the past few years they have entertained all of those around with their yearly holiday musical mix and their singing voices that accompany it. Now, you may think wow how great is it that the training room can hear Christmas songs sung by the team. And yes its great. However, I would not equate it to listening to Josh Groban sing Silent Night. I would equate it to ...... well I dont know what.
The reason its hard to compare it to something is the mix consists of so many songs not any of them really the same. But, what makes it so wonderful is the fact that each song everyone sings along. It doesnt matter if its Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" or Manheim Steamroller "Siberian" (which yes i know instrumental they hum along) they will sing.
Imagine the confusion of other athletes when they walk into our training room to find a bunch of men all averaging on the height of at least 6'3 singing "Christmas Dont Be Late" by yes you guessed it Alvin and the Chipmunks. As a side note today as they sang that song they discussed how in the soon to be released movie having the chipets (female version of chipmunks) could ruin it.
If you walk in to this entertaining moment you will find me sitting at my desk arms folded legs crossed with a giant smile on my face. Looking from one player to the next. Sometimes when someone walks in with a confused look I will just shrug my shoulders and smile.
But, when it comes down to it. Yes I love hearing the boys well lets call then men sing "All I want for Christmas is You" or Taylow swift singing "Last Christmas" (I swear if Miley Cyrus had a Christmas album she would be on the mix) and their rendition of Feliz Navidad is a good one. My all time favorite song however is .... well may I suggest going to this link as you have this song in the background read the rest of this post.
What I was saying is my all time favorite song is The Muppets 12 Days of Christmas. Nothing puts a smile on my face more then every single one of my guys singing this song with the voices. The only down side is on the 9th day of Christmas on our mix its beaker singing. So.... when you listen to the video replace beaker with animal. Instead of animal yelling put in "bee beee bee bee deee bee". What can I say its Christmas time in the training room!
As a side note if you were wondering yes we have an official Christmas tree this year! I may say made out of green paper with homemade ornaments. We have a small budget. But, the funny thing I wanted to add about this was the reaction of a few people to this tree. One (who shall not be named) came in to pester me. She saw the tree and wanted an ornament. Now most people want something normal like snowman or maybe a stocking. Not her she wanted Rudolph. Which is kind of funny since the past few Halloweens she has been forced to dress up as either a dolphin or a monkey with her counterpart getting to play the normal human role. So, just funny she chose yet again to be an animal. And now that I think about it kind of fitting since there is that scene in Rudolph where they put the dirt on his nose and he sounds kind of stuffy and congested and we just decided the other day this person would be a good comparison the the narwhal in Elf since its kind of that dump da dump kind of personality. By the way as that person reads this I know what you are thinking and no I will not die because you know this is all true.
The other funny reaction was by another training room staple today. This person came into the training room and actually wanted to talk about something serious. Which not funny. The funny part was as this person was discussing a serious topic she looked over at the tree and it was at this point they said "Hey!! I want an ornament how come I don't have an ornament?" As you can see our priorities are very blurred in the training room. No matter how serious the situation all that we really care about are ornaments. So, I asked this person what they would like and I want to say at one point they said a tree. But decided not such a good idea to have a tree ornament on a tree (she is pretty quick). Then there was talk of she wanted something different since the person who had the Rudolph ornament got something specific (i may had there is some competition for my attention in the training room I am kind of the mom). Finally, it was decided we would make a gingerbread athlete.
So, if you want to stop by the training room at some point you may run into some caroling basketball players and a paper tree which you may just get your own ornament on because in the training room Christmas is just...... Special.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

If you had told me we would end up friends I would have laughed.

So some people may say this sounds a little harsh but I never would have expected to become as close to some of the athletes as I have. I would even go as far as to count some of them as my closest friends. Now, you may say why would I have written them off so fast, but you didn't meet these people in the same context that I met them. Not that they stood out as people who were mean (well some of them did) but I just knew that I could never be friends with them.
After speaking to one of these people on the phone tonight it was suggested that instead of including names I just let everyone guess who they are or who each other are. It would be more fun this way, and then as a bonus if I have forgotten to tell these people my first opinions of them I wouldn't have any of my friends getting upset.
I figured the way I would start off would be explaining why I would NEVER be friends with them and then what brought us together.
The first person I never expected to be friends with I have now known for 7 years and am very close with. I met her when her coach explained she was "one to take care of she is one of our stars". Now for me right away Ill be honest I get worried as a trainer that this "star" is going to be a little..... lets say confident. So, already off to a good start. This "star" then proceeded to spend every waking moment in the training room because she could not stop getting hurt. The issue with this was the fact that since she was always hurt she was not, well in the best moods. I get frustration athletes experience with injuries but it does not constitute wearing a hoodie with the hood up for a 9 month period and that is what she did. It was so bad that if we (student trainers and myself) saw her walking down the hall with the hood up we would fight over who had to treat her. And it was a fight to get out of treatment not to spend quality time with her. She was in a bad mood because she was always hurt, and I mean weird injuries. She broke her elbow landing on it funny, she almost broke her sternum when she pulled a girl down on top of herself. Then there was the time she rolled her ankle cheering at a playoff game.
I dont remember the exact moment I knew we would be friends but I think when you are stuck taking care of someone who should be placed in a bubble you get a certain bond.
The next person was a womens soccer player. I met her and knew right away I would never be friends with this person. She just seemed so standoffish and just ..... well I just prejudged her. Now, don't feel bad for her because as I was doing that she was doing the exact same thing in regards to me. I did not get to know her until her senior year. It was at this point and time she claims I tore her ACL. It was a soccer game, at the half she said it felt funny could I look at it. I have to say that this person had already torn her ACL in each knee already so she was a little nervous. So, I had to relax and I tested her ACL. It was at that point we both heard a "pop". The look on her face, and I am guessing on mine was priceless. She froze and asked "what was that?" I explained it was nothing not to worry. She had no need to worry since she went back out on that field and proceeded to tear the opposite ACL. After that we had some quality time in the training room trying to get her back into playing. She wont let it go about me tearing her ACL though. It reminds me of that scene kind of in White Christmas where Danny Kay saves Bing Crosby from the collapsing wall and hurts his shoulder. So, from then on out Danny Kay holds that over Bing Crosbys head as pretty much blackmail. Well, its the same way. We could be out to dinner and if there is one roll left and if she wants it she proceeds to tell me she should have it since I tore her ACL.
Now onto one of my favorites. This one I really really didnt like. She just .... eh. When I first spent time with her it was on a trip and I did not want anything to do with her (she knows this). Its hard to describe why I didnt like her. I thought she was a little overeager to impress people. And these over eagerness made for some very noisy moments. If you are thinking right now wow I am saying some mean things about my friends to make one point. When this one friend called her mom upset about how she was so tired from trying to fit in and being funny all the time her mom proceeded to tell her "its not all about you". Needless to say this is one of my favorite moms of all time.
The moment the ball got rolling in me being friends with her was in a game when she went down rolling her ankle. I didnt see at first who got hurt but when I ran out to the field and saw her it was I was.... well I helped her off the field. It was determined she had an ankle sprain which was when she had to spend the next few weeks getting treatment. Which meant I had to treat her at least an hour a day. I was not thrilled at this prospect at first, but it turned out to be pretty good since we are now good friends. I mean she was the one who suggested I dont use names in this. I think its because she didnt want anyone to realize how much I disliked her :)
Ive only got a few more so bear with me on this.
The next person again is a close friend though she only just found out this summer that my name is Megan not Margaret. Just been friends with her 3 years and she had no clue. As you can see we are very close.
I met this person and just assumed that they were going to be kind of stuck up and a handful. I just thought they seemed to be a little ..... bratty.
I dont know what really made us become friends. I mean there was a moment on a trip together where she found out some sad news and was crying in my van, but I awkwardly didnt know what to do and she says i looked mean. So, it wasnt at that moment we became friends. I think it was probably when she decided she wasnt going to be a bratty person anymore. I mean if that friend reads this and remembers what changed our friendship let me know.
I have another friend who when I first met I thought she was going to be a very noisy person and in your face. I was blessed in having her two seasons her freshman year but dont remember her at all her first season. So, as you can see she made no impression. I thought she seemed nice just someone I would never be friends with. I found out later she was scared of me. To the point of she wouldnt come into our hotel room on a trip to get food because I was in there reading and she was scared of me. And if you know this person it takes a lot to scare them away from getting some food. So, apparently I was very scary.
Now, I became friends with this person because of an injury. After treating this injury there really is no way two people I think can not have some sort of connection. She proceeded one day to come in and tell me that she had pulled a certain muscle, and could i help treat it. This muscle was lower gluteal and yes I proceeded to help treat it. So, it was while treating this we became friends. Because honestly you need to talk about things to take away from the fact you are treating an awkward area. What do you turn to when trying to avoid awkwardness? You turn to finding out you both share an interest in musicals especially My Fair Lady and that you also both enjoy a good baked good. Needless to say though it brought me a good friend I would have picked a different injury.
I know this only touches on a few of my friends. Some of you reading this may wonder why I have not said a story about you. Well, here is the thing if I didnt write a story about you it means I liked you from the start. These people had to grow on me. These people I didnt want to have anything to do with at first. But, it was the training room that brought me these people as friends. I have so many great friends that I have gotten through the training room and you will be in other stories dont worry. But, I had to share these stories since when I have told them before people find my first intercations with these people well..... special.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yes we are special, but we are always laughing.

Ok so for some time now people have been telling me I should blog or write short stories of things that happen in our athletic training room. For those of you out there who may even look at this for the past 8 years I have been working at a small Christian college as their head athletic trainer. Well, I technically am the assistant, but I promoted myself.
Now my job is comprised of a bunch of different responsibilities. Contrary to popular belief even though I am an athletic trainer that does not mean I am a gym teacher or that I train people in a gym. I actually have a degree in athletic training and have medical training. I do all kinds of things from taping ankles, to sorting out paper work and my personal favorite covering games in the pouring rain. Though I went to college for 4 years and was part of a difficult program nothing would have even come close to preparing me for what I would encounter over the years.
I thought I would be just an athletic trainer someone who was there to treat injuries and sort out medical problems. I have though now come to realize that basically I do all those things, and on top of that have been designated as a kind of babysitter. I love my athletes but they are well..... just one of a kind. I will be honest our training room is one of a kind. I couldn't answer why that is. Some may say its because we are in a Christian environment and due to being in a bubble we are all a little "off or maybe sheltered" and yes I include myself in that. Others may say that its because we are all so close with each other (kind of a dysfunctional family) that we are so comfortable around each other to say and do the things we do. All I know is I have had more laughs in the training room over the years than I can count.
So, that is why I have decided to share some of these stories and probably a lot more to come down the road.
Now, I want to make it clear that I care about all my athletes and they all know that but when they do or say things in the training room its fair game. Most of them have heard stories about each other. What needs to be known is though the training room is sarcastic and pretty much a big joke we all do care for each other and really do try to be nice to one another :)
With all of that being said I guess it would be time to start sharing some of these stories with you. But, I am being honest when I tell you yes all of these things did happen and all of these comments were made. I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to because well when it comes down to it our athletic training room is just..... Special.