Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yes we are special, but we are always laughing.

Ok so for some time now people have been telling me I should blog or write short stories of things that happen in our athletic training room. For those of you out there who may even look at this for the past 8 years I have been working at a small Christian college as their head athletic trainer. Well, I technically am the assistant, but I promoted myself.
Now my job is comprised of a bunch of different responsibilities. Contrary to popular belief even though I am an athletic trainer that does not mean I am a gym teacher or that I train people in a gym. I actually have a degree in athletic training and have medical training. I do all kinds of things from taping ankles, to sorting out paper work and my personal favorite covering games in the pouring rain. Though I went to college for 4 years and was part of a difficult program nothing would have even come close to preparing me for what I would encounter over the years.
I thought I would be just an athletic trainer someone who was there to treat injuries and sort out medical problems. I have though now come to realize that basically I do all those things, and on top of that have been designated as a kind of babysitter. I love my athletes but they are well..... just one of a kind. I will be honest our training room is one of a kind. I couldn't answer why that is. Some may say its because we are in a Christian environment and due to being in a bubble we are all a little "off or maybe sheltered" and yes I include myself in that. Others may say that its because we are all so close with each other (kind of a dysfunctional family) that we are so comfortable around each other to say and do the things we do. All I know is I have had more laughs in the training room over the years than I can count.
So, that is why I have decided to share some of these stories and probably a lot more to come down the road.
Now, I want to make it clear that I care about all my athletes and they all know that but when they do or say things in the training room its fair game. Most of them have heard stories about each other. What needs to be known is though the training room is sarcastic and pretty much a big joke we all do care for each other and really do try to be nice to one another :)
With all of that being said I guess it would be time to start sharing some of these stories with you. But, I am being honest when I tell you yes all of these things did happen and all of these comments were made. I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to because well when it comes down to it our athletic training room is just..... Special.

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  1. wanna know why we are so "special"? maybe cause mama bear meg is just a little "special" herself...

    and i'd add that you have an honorary degree in psychology.

    you also do things like act as a snuggle pole when your athletes are in the fetal position on the sideline...